Featured Product Review by Jennifer Wheeler, Professional Cyclist

Specialized Prevail: I wear my helmet

To maximize my training as a pro cyclist, I recently migrated to warm Tucson to train because the weather is predictable (warm), the cycling community is awesome (you can get your butt kicked any day you choose), and the riding is great. With this move, however, I had to give up many things dear to me, including regular visits to Corpore Sano Physical Therapy with Erik Moen, who way back in 2009 when I was pretending to be a runner/roller derby queen said, “Maybe you should consider bike racing?” Genius.

Over the years working with him, I learned a few critical things—one was to take preventative steps to avoid injury. As a scholar athlete, I’ve taken his advice seriously and relied on a few gadgets to help accomplish this goal. I’ve written a series of short product reviews to share my experiences. Here’s the first one:

The Helmet (Futuristic, right?)

This one is really simple. I wear my helmet. It has saved my life, over and over again. I see a lot of people go without them—maybe they just want to feel the wind flowing through their hair, maybe they get hot. Whatever, that’s their prerogative, but not for me. I feel stylin’ in mine. I wear the Specialized Prevail helmet—in white, of course, because it’s so pro. It’s really light, breathable, and doesn’t make me look like a Super Mario Brothers character. And recently, I found out that it is super durable upon impact.

Specialized Prevail helmet

Story time: Picture this – double pace line, 28+mph down the highway, guy hits a bump, swerves and grabs some brakes, I go flying, hit my head, lady then decides there’s no where to go except over my neck and head. My helmet breaks in three places, but my brains stay in tact. Helmet=1, Road=0.