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New BikePT Class Schedule – Individual course added for 2023

The new BikePT Class schedule has been posted, with a new Individual Immersion/Mentoring course added. BikePT now offers a comprehensive Individual Immersion/Mentoring package comprised of Bronze, Silver, and Mechanics course lessons and lots of lab work. More details are here.

Check out the full BikePT classes schedule here.

BikePT class

BikePT Courses are a set of well-rounded, complete bike fitting classes for professional Physical Therapists. Our classes are the fastest and most comprehensive way to learn about the critical relationship between bike and rider biomechanics.

Attending our Bronze, Silver, and Gold classes will forge you into an expert bike fitter. Additionally, the Mechanics class will provide a deeper understanding of the bicycle, so you can intuitively make equipment changes to your patients’ bicycles.

All BikePT classes are taught by our own certified instructors, experienced Physical Therapists with professional backgrounds in bicycle racing.

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