Your clinical skills are up to par for performing a bike fit, but do you feel that mechanical skills are limiting your comfort level with the bike fitting process? This is a familiar problem many clinicians face when performing bike fits. That’s why we are proud to be offering a comprehensive mechanics course in our lineup. This lab intensive class will give you the confidence and knowledge to ensure a successful interaction with the bicycle and bicyclist.

  • There are no prerequisite classes for BICYCLE-MECHANICS COURSE
  • Cost for BICYCLE-MECHANICS is $300.00


This class will introduce the participant to the rationale and methods of working with the bicycling client. You will understand mechanisms of typical equipment, bicycling biomechanics, injuries, bicyclist evaluation, and the bike fitting process. This class is scheduled over a two day period and will provide 16 hours of instruction and lab sessions. Bronze is a required class for attending the Silver level class.

  • BRONZE is required for SILVER
  • Cost for BRONZE is $650.00


This class will allow the individual to hone their skills working with the bicycle and bicyclists. This combination lecture and lab class discusses positioning required for aerodynamics (time trial and triathlon), cyclocross and mountain biking. A review of triathlon injuries and bicycle-specific requirements are discussed. Lab sections include time on your bicycle learning basic bicycle handling and pedaling skills. Silver is a required class for attendance in the Gold level class.

  • SILVER is required for GOLD
  • Cost for SILVER is $650.00


This class is intended to make you a highly qualified BikePT. This class discovers the process of custom sized bicycles and their manufacturing process. Frame materials and advanced parts selection are discussed to increase your abilities in making recommendations. This class will discuss the merits of motion and analysis, and increase your ability to choose if you would like to pursue this option for your bike fits. Labs sections test your capabilities and help you consider advanced decision making processes.

  • Cost for GOLD is $650.00

Individual Immersion/Mentoring (Bronze, Mechanics and Silver, lots of lab):

This five (5) day immersion course will give you a week of bike clinical cases and give you an education equivalent of Bronze/Mechanics/Silver course equivalents. This is a one on one week with Erik Moen PT in clinic. The increased cost is due to the individualized nature of the experience. Time will also include local after work bike rides and business consultation. Course is scheduled typically in the summer months and should be arranged individually by contacting

  • Cost for Individual Immersion/Mentoring is $2500.00


BikePT classes are now also being taught in Eastern Canada. For Montreal Bronze Level Course, Mechanics Class, and Special Aerodynamics Positioning Class: Please contact for registration, location, and pricing.

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