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Bicyclists needed for research on bicycling postures

Corpore Sano Physical Therapy and BikePT are in the process of conducting research on bicycling postures in conjunction with the Human Motion Research Lab within the Department of Kinesiology at William Paterson University. The purpose of the study is to examine the relationship between anthropometric (body measurements), bike fit, and cycling efficiency. The William Paterson Internal Review Board (ethics board) has approved this study.

We are in need of bicyclists who have had no recent injuries (in last 3 months) that would cause issues in measuring hip flexibility. Bicyclists need to be 18 to 40yrs old, male or female, a regular bicyclist, and you need to have been bicycling for at least 5 years.

This research session should take approximately an hour. It will include flexibility assessment and measures of your position on your bike. Testing session will be held at Corpore Sano Physical Therapy in Kenmore, WA.

Your participation will be help in assessing how body measures are related to bike fit and bicycling efficiency. This data will eventually be used to find ways to minimize potential injuries and maximize performance in cycling. Furthermore, you will be sent (if requested) a set of your results as well as the outcome of the entire study.

Please call 425-482-2453 or email fixme@BikePT.com to set a time to participate.