Featured Product Review by Erik Moen PT

Thomson Elite Seatpost

My favorite, most reliable seatpost is the Thompson Elite. The Thomson Elite has several valuable features. The most important feature to me is the ease of saddle tilt adjustment or fine tuning of saddle tilt. The tilt range goes from minus 5° to plus 29°.

The Thomson Elite seatpost is made from series 7000 aluminum. It gives long life, strength and is pretty light. The typical seatpost weighs around 200g. If you want less weight, move to their Masterpiece line.

These seatposts come in setback angles and certainly with no offset. The offset seatpost may be rotated 180 degrees to create a forward facing seatpost. Thomson has many seatpost diameters. This is unlike most manufacturers who only supply the most common post diameter of 27.2mm and 31.6mm. Thomson posts come in various lengths; 250 to 410mm.

The downside of the offset post is that it requires 9cm of post exposure above the top of the seatpost. This can affect your ability to utilize this post if your bike is a little tall on the seatpost for your height. This is rarely an issue if your bike is appropriately sized or has a sloping top tube.

Overall, this is one of my favorite seatposts because it allows for easy and reliable adjustments of saddle position.