Silver Course Description

This class will allow the individual to hone their skills working with the bicycle and bicyclist. This course will emphasize working with equipment in a safe and effective manner. This class will explore the rules of aerodynamic positioning for road and triathlon application and performance of an aerodynamic fit lab. The sport of triathlon will be introduced and evaluated for its injuries and skill base. Triathlon is a large and growing population for your interaction. This class will include an on-the-bike lab for you to experience bike specific skill development. We will visit a local bicycle event as time allows. This class will have ample lab time for you to increase your confidence and efficiency in working with the bicycling population.

This class is scheduled over two days and will provide 16 hours of instructional and lab time. The silver class is required for attendance of the BikePT Gold level class.

Instructional Level

This is an intermediate level course specific to the bicyclist and triathlete.

Course Requirements

  • Successful completion of BikePT Bronze level course
  • You will need a bicycle for this class. Rental bicycles can be made available upon request.

Course Outline

  • Review of Bronze BikePT
  • Triathlon and specific injuries
  • The rules of aerodynamic positioning
  • Aerodynamic positioning lab
  • Bike skills lab
  • Seasonal business planning
  • Bicycle mechanics lab
  • Meaningful exercise

Course Goals

  • The Silver BikePT will demonstrate aerodynamic bike fitting for a Triathlete or road bicyclist
  • The Silver BikePT will be able to discuss difference between differing governing bodies rules on aerodynamics
  • The Silver BikePT will be able identify common mountain bike injuries
  • The Silver BikePT will be able to discuss bike fit adaptations for special populations
  • The Silver BikePT will be able to demonstrate safe mechanical adjustments to bike equipment that affect bike fit
  • The Silver BikePT will be able to demonstrate bicycling skills of pedaling, bump-drills, balance-drills, braking, cornering and descending.
  • The Silver BikePT will be able to independently evaluate a bicyclist and make meaningful changes to their bicycles to meet their specific needs.

Member Benefits

  • After completion of the Silver course, you will be qualified to attend the BikePT Gold course.
  • Your name and contact info will be added to our searchable database, so nearby bicyclists can find you for bike fitting.
  • Access to BikePT member on-line resources.