Mountain Bike Immersive Course

Are you or your patients passionate about mountain biking?
Are you looking to expand your skills as a physical therapist in working with mountain bikers?
Would you like to experience some of the legendary mountain bike trails of the Pacific Northwest?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you!

BikePT Mountain Bike Immersive Course

Our Mountain Bike immersive course is designed to provide you with the ultimate hands on experience. This course is unique in the fact that roughly half of the class will be conducted on the trails at Duthie Hill Park in Issaquah WA.

We will be covering topics unique to mountain bikes, ranging from bike fitting to suspension setup. We will assess the mountain biker as an athlete and as a patient. We’ll also spend time learning the fundamentals of mountain bike-specific movement patterns, common injury patterns, and rehabilitation exercises. Finally, we will be spending time on the trails, focusing on various skill drills to help you improve your riding regardless of whether you are new to the sport or have been riding for years. This may be the most fun continuing education course you’ve taken yet!

BikePT Mountain Bike Immersive Course

Course Requirements

  • Intended for licensed physical therapist and physical therapy students.
  • We highly encourage you to have taken our BikePT Bronze course to establish a familiar background with bicycle fitting as it pertains to the physical therapist.
  • Functioning and mechanically sound full suspension or hardtail mountain bike.
  • Preferred riding gear and helmet (mandatory). Full finger gloves and knee pads recommended.

Course Outline

  • Assessing the mountain biker as an athlete and patient
  • Mountain bike equipment orientation
  • Mountain bike injuries, pain syndromes and injury pathomechanics
  • Fundamental movement patterns of the mountain biker
  • Mountain bike fit lab
  • Specific rehabilitation, strength, and flexibility exercises
  • Mountain bike suspension setup
  • On trail skills lab
  • Skills drills to improve climbing, cornering, and descending
  • Geared for all skill levels, novice and expert riders need apply

Course Goals

  • Understand etiology of common mountain bike injuries
  • Demonstrate proper bike fit of mountain bike
  • Be able to perform a basic mountain suspension setup including setting sag and rebound
  • Demonstrate knowledge of common mountain bike movement dysfunctions that perpetuate overuse injuries
  • Understand common bike fit fallacies that perpetuate overuse injuries
  • Demonstrate basic mountain bike skills related to body positioning/posture, pedaling, braking, cornering, and descending
  • Understand the evolution of the mountain bike and how current trends may influence bike setup
  • Understanding of current safety equipment offerings


    September 7, 2019


    Issaquah, WA





BikePT Mountain Bike Immersive Course

Bike Rentals

    We have partnered with Progression Cycle who have a large range of demo bikes from Yeti and Evil. Additional fees apply. If you would like to arrange a demo bike please email: