Continuing Education
For Physical Therapists

BikePT is an accredited CEU provider for physical therapists. Our 2-day bike fit certification seminars will help you achieve and maintain treatment excellence for your bicycling clients. Three levels of classes are offered; Bronze (foundational), Silver (intermediate) and Gold (advanced), as well as our new Mechanics Course.

BikePT Mechanics Course

Course Description: Your clinical skills are up to par for performing a bike fit, but do you feel that mechanical skills are limiting your comfort level with the bike fitting process? Or maybe you just want to further refine your mechanical skillset? This is a familiar problem many clinicians face when performing bike fits. That’s why we are proud to be offering a comprehensive mechanics course in our schedule for 2015. This will be a very hands on experience, so be ready to get your fingers greasy and improve your efficiency as a BikePT.

Bronze level

Course Description: Bronze bike fit certification class will introduce the participant to the rationale and methods of working with the bicycling client. This class is scheduled over a two day period and will provide 16 hours of instructional and lab time. Bronze is a required class for Silver. Read full details for Bronze Level class here.

Mountain Bike Immersive Course

Course Description: Are you or your patients passionate about mountain biking? Are you looking to expand your skills as a physical therapist in working with mountain bikers? Would you like to experience some of the legendary mountain bike trails of the Pacific Northwest? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you. Covering a range of topics from bike fitting to suspension setup, to assessing the mountain biker as an athlete and a patient, fundamentals of mountain bike-specific movement patterns, common injury patterns, and rehabilitation exercises, and even some time on the trails. Our Mountain Bike immersive course is designed to provide you with the ultimate hands on experience. We encourage completion of the BikePT Bronze course to establish a familiar background. Read the full Mountain Bike Immersive Course description here.

Silver level

Course Description: BikePT Silver bike fit certification class will allow the individual to hone their skills working with the bicycle. This will include basic bicycle mechanics crucial to the retrofit process, advanced fit concepts, and on-the-bicycle skills development. This class will also introduce aerodynamic positioning, positioning for mountain biking, and motion analysis. This class has ample lab time and will allow you the confidence to work more effectively cyclists and with greater confidence. Silver is a required class for attendance in the Gold level class. Read full details for Silver Level class here.

Gold level

Course Description: Our Gold bike fit certification class is intended to make you a highly qualified BikePT. This is an advanced topics class. Class will focus on advanced prescriptive exercise planning, attendance of a bicycling event, utilization of motion analysis, and processing of complex lab cases. Read full details for Gold Level class here, and sign up today.