Bike Injury

Bike injury is as much about prevention as it recovery. Crashes happen; it’s a fact of bicycling. With crashes come injury, yet far more common than crashes are overuse injuries caused by poor bike fit. You know that old saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure? Well, it’s never more true than with proper bike fit.

Overuse Injuries
When you get an overuse injury, like tendonitis, a niggling kink in your neck, or a perpetually sore wrist, it’s often caused by forcing your body into a weird position on a bike that wasn’t properly fit for you. Sometimes the position is not so weird at all, but merely off by a few millimeters. No matter the amount, a poor or slightly ‘off’ bike fit often seems like just initial discomfort, then after long-term use, it results in an injury.

People frequently take the traditional steps of ice, ibuprofen and rest, but sometimes that’s not enough. Your body appreciates the good treatment, but if you are just putting it right back in the same poor position, the injury may recur.

The benefits of good bike fit are usually felt within seconds. It’s that fundamentally good ‘Oh, wow! this feels much better,’ feeling you get when you’ve done something right for your body for the first time. And it just keeps on feeling great every time you ride.

What About Crashes?
When an injury is caused by a crash, temporary adjustment to your bike position may be necessary. It’s not about massive change; it’s about getting your body healthy by accommodating what you can do while injured. You may need physical therapy, temporary bike fit adjustment, or a treatment plan.

The goal with recovering from a bike injury is usually fast recovery and getting back on the bike. Making sure your bike is properly fit to your body is the first step in getting and keeping you there.