Bike Fit

Bike Fit

Bicycling is fun and great, as long as it doesn’t hurt or injure you. Have you ever had numb hands after riding? Do your knees, back or neck hurt? Is your saddle causing you numbness? These are all debilitating issues that can be resolved by proper bike fit.

Getting your bike fit is a critical step in helping you improve your bicycle experience and achieving your goals.

An appropriate bike fit takes your individual needs and goals into consideration, factors you may not know to associate with bicycle riding, such as your personal goals, your background and history, musculo-skeletal function assessment, and assessment of your current equipment, which all play important roles in your comfort and performance on the bike. Good bike fit combines these factors with suggestions for new equipment to allow for unfettered bicycle performance. Neutral positioning on the bike contributes to your riding goals. Measurement of your new position on the bike provides a personal record you can refer to as needed.

Bike Fit Is a Process

Bike fit is an individualized process that allows you to accomplish your goals regardless of your bicycling activity — bike commuting, century rides, triathlons, or even competing in local races and national championships.

Through performance of regular bicycling, and bike-related stretching and strengthening, you may find a change in fit is necessitated. As you become more limber or stronger, your bike fit may need to adjust to match your body’s new parameters.

Bike Fits Powered by BikePT

BikePT is dedicated to bicycling health for everybody. The philosophy includes sound principals in normal bike fit and biomechanics/function, and has effective intervention principals for bicycle-related injuries and pain syndromes. BikePT’s founder is Erik Moen PT, a leader in the bike fitting industry for over 20 years.