Featured Product Review by Jennifer Wheeler, Professional Cyclist

Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer rocked my ride

OK. So, I used to hate trainers. Really, truly. I hated being in one spot for a long time. It would hurt my girl parts, my hip, everything. I couldn’t get comfortable. When I lived in Seattle, I would have rather ridden in the rain and dark for 4 hours than ride the trainer for an hour.

Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll trainerHowever, at Interbike, I tried out the Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer, and I was amazed at how much it felt like I was riding on the road. The trainer flexes, so it rocks with you while you ride, and the front wheel sits on a Lazy Susan type of device so your front wheel moves with your bike, just like it does on the road. The Rock and Roll trainer moves with your body, but don’t worry – it’s impossible to fall off. (I tried.)

I ended up riding that trainer for 2+ hours, chatting, practicing sprints, victory salutes (I need to eliminate the one-fist pump from my repertoire.) Then I was kicked off so others could have a chance. (I was going to leave anyway – whatever.)