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Support crew member needed for 2012 Race Across Oregon

Kent Jewell and James McKee are competing in the Race Across Oregon this year as a 2-man team. They are in need of one more crew member—preferably someone with bike mechanic skills, but that’s not required.

Race Across Oregon is a bicycle race in which competitors climb over
40,000 feet in their 515 mile campaign to reach the finish line in Hood River, OR approximately 30 hours later. Racers compete either as soloists, in teams of 2 or 4 people, or in corporate 8-person teams.

James and Kent hope to find a crew member with a suitable min-van or SUV to use as a support vehicle. The team will cover all expenses over the weekend for their 2-man Race Across Oregon effort.

Here’s the basic overview of the race timeline:
The race runs from July 21st – 22nd over a 520 mile course, with vehicle and bike inspection on Friday the 20th. While the official time limit is 48 hours typical two man team results are in the 35 hour region. We’re planning on driving down on Thursday night (19th) and driving back on the Monday morning following the post race breakfast. All expenses will be covered.

More information is online at http://www.raceacrossoregon.com/rao

If you are interested in being a support crew member, please get in touch with Kent directly:
Kent Jewell
(206) 524-3893