Featured Product Review by Erik Moen PT

CEP Clone: A recovery garment

We can all agree that recovery is crucial for athletic training. Faster recovery allows a more consistent level of training while minimizing risk of injury, illness, or over-training state. The use of compression garments have been popularized over the last four years.

The top manufacturer of compression garments is CEP. CEP is a branch of a German company called Medi, a long time worldwide industry leader in the development and manufacturing of medical grade compression garments.

CEP CloneCEP sells a custom garment intended for lower extremity recovery following rigorous exercise. CEP says Clone garments speed recovery, so you can get back to meaningful training sooner. As a custom garment, it fits you like a glove, which makes for a powerfully effective recovery garment.

Forty-one measures made from your feet to your waist are taken to make this garment. This garment is meant to be used at rest, such as sitting, sleeping, during transit (e.g. car or plane). You can wear them under other clothes, such as jeans, sweats, or pajamas. Your color choice is black.

Compression garments are typically used immediately after an activity or a workout. They’re also effective during a flight of two hours or greater. You will need to wear the Clone for 3-4 hours immediately after activity for best results.

The cost for Clones are $289, which includes two custom garments. CEP suggests a “one to wash, one to wear” approach. Clone garments require special washing and drying conditions, but these are simple enough that it can be handled at home.

CEP Clone garments take two weeks to manufacture. Clones are made domestically, in North Carolina, and are shipped directly to the client. All clone garments have a six month every-day-use guarantee.

CEP Clones may be measured for and purchased at Corpore Sano Physical Therapy or other specialty retailers of CEP.