Featured Post by Kari Studley PT

Top 5 Reasons why a professional bike fit is important for success

A professional BikePT fit can help in so many ways to improve the experience of riding your bike. Here are five quick ways:

1. Cycling should not hurt
You would see a Physical Therapist if it hurt to walk or run, why should riding a bike be any different? If riding your bike hurts, precision adjustments to position and equipment can stop the pain – and keep you on your bike.

2. Prevent overuse injuries
Biking is repetitive in nature. During a bike fit, we optimizing alignment and position, which can greatly enhance cycling enjoyment.

3. Ride more effectively
Why waste energy fighting or trying to keep balanced on the bike? Our goal is to mate the bike with your body so that you can enjoy riding comfortably and efficiently.

4. Enhance safety and bike handling
Ensure you can reach and maneuver all necessary parts of the bike safely and effectively – shift/brake hoods, pedals, water bottle, etc.

5. Improve endurance and efficiency
Optimize muscular ergonomics and train neuromuscular skill of cycling biomechanics. The bike position is not inherently natural. Your muscles have to learn how to be efficient on the bike. When your bike fit is dialed in, your body is happier.